Automated Spindle Test System

Automated Spindle Test System

The Spindle test and analysis system is utilized to pre-condition of the spindles before they are installed in a machine. This process is accomplished over several hours at various increased running speeds which can be selected by the end user. Motor controls allow the user to choose specific speeds to soak the spindle for specific periods of time. The temperature, Noise and vibration level of the spindle are measured and compared with the set values to generate alarms for limit crossing.

The setup contains following modules :

• PC with control and analysis software
• VMS3000 System.
• PT100 sensor with signal conditioning.
• ICP based Accelerometers
• Motor drive
• Tacho Meter for RPM measurement.
• Microphone.

VMS3000 System

Vibration Monitoring System is an advanced multi channel vibration monitoring system designed to acquire the vibration data from non-contact type or contact type vibration sensors. In addition to vibration measurement module it can measure Tacho speed, noise and five channel of temperature. All the data’s made available on MODBUS RTU serial RS 485 gateway for third party software interface.

Control and Analysis Software

This Front End Powerful User Interface is provided which will enable the user to make an entry of the desired profile with the user selectable number of steps of RPM, Time delay required at each RPM for monitoring the Temperature parameter along with the security settings for the operator Control and analysis software provides the user to enter rpm versus time settings and limit settings for vibration, Noise and temperature parameters.