Condition Monitoring System

Condition Monitoring System VMS-3000

VMS-3000 series is a continuous online monitoring system suitable for condition monitoring and machinery protection applications and is designed to fully meet the requirements of the American Petroleum Institute’s API 670 standard for such systems. VMS-3000 has been designed and developed by highly experienced team with the latest state of the art technology. The System is modular in design with a full flexibility provided to the user to configure his functional requirements by selecting the appropriate functional modules to suit his requirements. The VMS-3000 System consists of main 19" Rack frame has rugged construction ms extruded channels, panel mounting type. The user is provided with industry standard euro PCB modules of different functional modules like Non-Contact 4-channel Vibration Measurement Module (VMM), Standard Relay Module (RLY), Rack Configuration module (CNFG), Generic DI module, DO module, Contact Vibration Measurement Module, to mention a few. It houses a maximum of eleven modules. It can measure vibration without display up to 40 channels or with display 20-channels. Barrier-type terminal strips for external wiring are located at the rear. Input signals are continuously monitored to ensure that the sensors, interconnecting cables and modules are functioning. The powerful configuration user software is provided in addition to the local displaying of data. The data measured are made available on the communication Gateway via Ethernet or RS485/RS232 in MODBUS RTU protocol. VMS3000 provides industry standard 4~20mA DC signal output for interfacing with Distributed Control System (DCS). Sealed electromagnetic relays are fitted in the Main Rack Frame for independent alarm, trip and circuit Fault functions. Read relay contacts provide individual Alarm and trip per module. Higher relay contact ratings of 5A resistive at 250 VAC are available. An integral Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS), located at the rear provides DC power for the modules and associated sensors.


• Industry Standard 19” Rack Size
• Channel Pair Type (Radial Vibration, Thrust    Position)
• Transducers Selection.
• Full scale range Selection for Direct.
• Recorder Output selection (Direct, Gap).
• Configurable Channel Pair.
• Set Points for Alert Alarm Limits (Direct and    Gap).
• Set Points for Danger Alarm Limits (Direct    and Gap).
• Set Points for Alarm Time Delay.
• Set Points for zero Position (Thrust Initial    DC Reference).
• Set Points for Trip Multiply.
• Set Points for Clamp Value.
• Latching for Alert Alarm.
• Latching for Danger Alarm.
• Bypass Alarm.
• Hot Swappable Modules.
• Digital Communications.
• Display Options.
• Buffered Outputs.